sebastiano rossi
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ALAIOR’S PLAÇA NOVA competition promoter: Alaior City Conuncil
year: 2008

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The geometry of the square, its material substance, they tell us the story of this part of the town. The proposed redevelopment comes from observing that the functional program works and can work with the new layout that develops the competition’s ban. Interventions are limited to redesign elements of access, by the dual objective: maximizing the accessibility of the square (removing architectural barriers) and giving a more fluid space.

It designs a flexible space that admits future changes as the introduction of a tub, etc. From a conceptual point of view, the design of the square can be explained as a superposition of artificial elements (objects) on an ideal plane (natural) to create sites with unique and exclusive configuration, the square becomes a support for the theoretically diaphanous for the use people would give.